4 Books Every Parent Should Give Their Kids or Grandkids

4 Books Every Parent Should Give Their Kids or Grandkids

We are privileged to live in the time we do regarding access to a plethora of resources. This is especially true for the Christian parent who desires to raise their children and grandchildren in the Lord. Not only are there a plethora of resources, there are a plethora of really good, solid, accessible, and biblically sound resources.

The following books have been published in the last few years and have blessed me and my family immensely so I commend them to you:

The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings us Back to the Garden


The Biggest Story is authored by Michigan pastor and author Kevin DeYoung and illustrated by Invisible Creature’s Don Clark. This book gives children a big picture theology of the Bible from Genesis forward pointing to the “Snake Crusher”. Not only is it solidly biblical and does what T. Desmond Alexander did for adults with his work From Eden to the New Jerusalem, but it is beautifully illustrated as well. I have yet to find a book whose illustrations I am so captivated and impressed by. These illustrations are coupled with engaging storytelling that would be a great book to work through with your kids or grandkids. Buy at: WTS and Amazon

God Made All of Me


This book, written by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb, is unique but vastly important and needed. What this book does is teach kids how to protect their bodies and leads them to understand that God made all of them (hence the title). From the authors: “We wrote God Made All of Me as a tool so you can explain to your children that God made their body. Because private parts are private, there can be lots of questions, curiosity, or shame regarding them. For their protection, children need to know about private parts and understand that God made their body and made it special…

By teaching children about their body and discussing appropriate and inappropriate touch, you are helping them understand their ability to say No to unwanted touch, which will help them if anyone ever tries to hurt or trick them.”

I cannot commend this book to you enough. This book is too important not to buy. It will help you and your children navigate a subject that is difficult but necessary. Make sure you pick up a copy ASAP! Buy at: WTS and Amazon

The Ology: Ancient Truths, Ever New


This book takes deep, and often times complicated, theological topics and presents them in an engaging and accessible way. I love this book because it presents theological topics in a way I sometimes struggle to bring down to a level for children to understand. This would make a good family devotional and would even aid parents in understanding deep theological topics. If you want your children to be Christians who have a solid grasp of important Scriptural truths, this is the book for you. In the times we live in, your children and grandchildren will be bombarded with false and half-truths from non-Christian and Christian alike, this book will help them (and you) navigate the murky waters of bad theology. Buy at: WTS and Amazon

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name


In the Jesus Storybook Bible, the author, Sally Lloyd Jones, does a marvelous job telling familiar biblical stories in engaging ways with great illustrations. What I like most about it is that Jones is very upfront and honest about the characters in the Bible being consistently nefarious. By doing this, Jones emphasizes God’s ridiculous grace that permeates Scripture (yes, even the Old Testament!) and points to Jesus who is better than all other Bible characters. She also shows through this how the whole Bible is really about Jesus and everything in it, points to him. If I am preaching a familiar Old Testament story, I will even reference the Jesus Storybook Bible myself! This is a great book for every Christian to own, not just kids. Buy at: WTS and Amazon

Certainly many other books could be on this list but these are the few that I have been impressed by and feel every Christian parent and Grandparent should run out and buy (or buy from your computer using the provided links above).

Any I missed or any you would add? Feel free to comment below.