Future Grace

Future Grace

If you are a resident of Quinlan or the surrounding areas and frequent the corner of 276 and 751, you may have noticed an increase in the hustle and bustle that is occurring at the church located at this intersection.

Indeed, it would be hard to miss; especially considering trees are falling and entire buildings are disappearing!

And you may be asking, “what is going on here?”

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Last year the covenant members of Grace Baptist Church (GBC) voted unanimously to renovate, restore, and refurbish the worship center that is located on the corner of 276 and 751.

And once it is refurbished, it will become the new home and main campus for GBC.

To be sure, this will take extensive work and time to be made a reality but we believe God has clearly led us to this decision and vision.

God has given us poor sinners that compose the membership of GBC a second chance by His abundant, lavish, and ridiculous grace through the finished work of Christ Jesus. So, we at GBC are giving this unique worship center a second chance to house a church that preaches Christ crucified (1 Cor. 2:2) and loves others ferociously.

As we make this exciting move, we remember that the church is so much more than a brick building that will melt like snow upon Christ’s return. Rather, it is a vessel to make us more accessible to the community and to aid us in our mission to be a place where all are welcome to hear the gospel of God’s grace.

And we invite you to be part of what God is doing at GBC. We are a church full of ragamuffins and beggars whom God saw fit to rescue through His mercy and might. We will love you unconditionally and point you to Christ constantly.

We invite you to be part of our mission to the Great Commission and to the making Christ the center of all we do.

If you would like to be part of what God is doing at GBC, join us sometime at our current location at 400 Panther Path (across from the library near Thompson Middle School).

Or if you have a question, call (9033562643) or email (Von@GoGraceBC.com) us anytime.

Most importantly, pray for GBC as we move forward, pray for our community, pray we would make much of Jesus, and pray for gospel renewal throughout Quinlan, the surrounding areas, and the world.